At the New Jersey Sports Journal, we are dedicated to bringing you the best news, information, and opinions about all New York sports. 

The New Jersey Sports Journal Belief

The driving force behind the content here is to use reports from reliable news sources as a base to construct your summative conclusion. As a result, we will prepare you for Game Day with informative previews. When the game is over, we will provide you with the main ideas, so you know exactly what happened without spending three hours of your time watching.  We hope you use this information before, during, and after games, as well as leave a comment to discuss the events too. 

The Basis of the New Jersey Sports Journal

For starters, not every team in the area is a contender. We understand that, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a fan! Maybe, you have kids and can’t scrape away an hour or two to watch the ball game. We want to give you the quickest rundown of your favorite sports teams, so you can keep that fandom even if you are busy with everyday life.  


An engaging discussion is always encouraged! Nothing is blocking you from talking to your peers. Just use common sense and personal inquiry out of the comments. This is a discussion, not a battleground. The real joy is enjoying sports together!

About Us: The Writers

My name is Kyle. I can’t get enough of the Jets, Nets, Yankees, and Devils. What’s better than enjoying these teams with the company of fellow fans? I have experience covering all four major sports for multiple outlets. Despite now owning a journalism degree, I have a portfolio that dates back to 2009. During the day, I am a regular working-class citizen. I teach special education at my local high school and coach basketball and track.