Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets – Preview & Predictions

Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets.

Could this be a showdown between the two future teams in the Eastern Conference? The Boston Celtics are coming off a last-second win over the Milwaukee Bucks, while the Brooklyn Nets blew out the Golden State Warriors. While you are unwrapping all the presents under the tree, take a look at the gift on the television that Christmas Day gave you. 

The Main Headlines for the Brooklyn & Boston

Both teams enter the contest 1-0 and will be frontrunners in the Eastern Conference all season long. With not much margin for error, both teams bring their version of a superteam that will be difficult for the other team to handle. 

Brooklyn’s Dynamic Duo: Round 2

  • Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving combined for 48 points after combining to play 20 games all of last season. For the record, Durant missed all of the season last year but looked super fresh this time around. 
  • Irving finished with a +/- of 32, while Durant was +/- 26. Both were the highest ratings in the game by a long shot. 

Bad Blood from Brooklyn

  • While Irving never publicly ran out of Boston, there is no love lost with the Celtics after Irving left for the Nets. 
  • Irving wanted to be “the main man” in Boston, but questions about his character and leadership style left the Celtics to turn their back on the former No. 1 overall pick. 
  • Jayson Tatum, Jaylon Brown, and Marcus Smart all played with Irving and remain with the Celtics. 
  • The only crowd-pleaser would be if Kemba Walker, Irving’s replacement, suited up, but he is still recovering from offseason knee surgery. 

Is Caris Lavert Loving the Brooklyn Bench?

  • Lavert used to be a starter, but there’s just not enough room in the starting lineup for him with Durant and Irving healthy. 
  • It didn’t matter on Tuesday when Lavert torched the Warriors for 20 points in 25 minutes. 
  • Could this be a Sixth Man of the Year contender?

Celtics vs Nets – Predictions & Commentary

Many believed that the Celtics were going to get blown away by the Bucks since Walker was out. Instead, the team shocked the world and beat one of the favorites for the NBA crown. Many may rush to favor the Nets but wait just one second. 

Jayson Tatum is the Real Deal

Tatum scored just nine points in the first half on Wednesday and roared back to finish with 30 points, including the game-winning shot with 0.4 seconds on the clock. This could be the year that the 22-year old becomes the true face of the Celtics franchise. 

Nets will Win in Overtime vs Celtics

The Celtics are going to defy the odds again and fight with tooth and nail to the end. It will be the second straight overtime game for the team, but the Nets will win 140-131. 

Brooklyn Will Sink 20 Three-Point Shots

On Tuesday, the Nets made 15 three-point shots. That was with Joe Harris, Landry Shamet, and Durant combined for five altogether. If each player makes at least one more, that gets them close to the mark. At that point, anything is up for grabs. 

Spencer Dinwiddie Heats Up

Starting against the Warriors, Dinwiddie scored just nine points. The last time the Nets played the Celtics, Dinwiddie scored 32 points in the five-point loss. Look for him to find his shot once again. 

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