Nets vs Hawks: Poor three-point shooting sinks Brooklyn

Just when the Nets thought they were going to be contenders in the Eastern Conference, the Atlanta Hawks said hold on. For the second time in a matter of a week, the Hawks played Brooklyn. This time around in Nets vs Hawks, it was Atlanta that walked away winners with a score of 114-96. The Nets shot 18.9% from three-point range, which was a huge sore thumb on the stat sheet. 

The Main Headlines for the Nets vs Hawks

Poor three-point shooting, a superstar duo dud, and three 20-point performances from the Hawks’ starters led the way with headlines in Nets vs Hawks

Kyrie & Durant’s dud

  • Leading the way in the terrible shooting stat sheet were the team’s two superstars. 
  • Durant shot 2-of-7 from deep, while Irving was 2-of-11. 
  • While Durant scored 28 points and Irving 18 points respectively, their shooting performances were overall poor. 

Atlanta’s hot starting lineup

  • Three starters finished with 20 or more points. 
  • That included Deandre Hunter (23 points), Trae Young (21 points), and John Collins (20 points). 
  • Clint Capella finished with a double-double of 12 points and 11 rebounds, while also contributing six assists. 

Joe Harris, the lone positive in Nets vs Hawks

  • Harris was the only Brooklyn player with a plus-minus rating in the positives. 
  • Along with his 12 points and seven rebounds, Harris finished with a rating of +4 while he was on the court. 
  • It was a lot better than some of his teammates like Caris LeVert (-15) and Landry Shamet (-15). 

Nets vs Hawks Game Analysis & Commentary

This is a tough look for the Nets that dropped to 3-3 on the season. This is justified, while losses to Charlotte and Memphis (without Ja Morant) aren’t. The Hawks are an up-and-coming team but do not have any proven superstars compared to the Nets. The Hawks played toe-to-toe the first time in Nets vs Hawks, losing 145-141 in a shootout. The Hawks are slowly showing teams that they can compete with anybody. 

Third Quarter struggle

Good teams win the third quarter and the Nets simply let the Hawks take control after getting outscored 28-21 in the third frame. However, the Hawks led by as much as 89-70 and wiped away any hope of the Nets coming back in this game. 

Solomon Hill was efficient

The reserve for the Hawks had his best game of the season. In 24 minutes, Hill shot just 2-of-9, but the Hawks were +20 when he was on the floor, likely due to his help on defense. 

No man in the middle of Nets vs Hawks

Deandre Jordan never looked comfortable in this game. Neither did Jarrett Allen. Irving led the team with 11 rebounds, while Jordan and Allen finished with five and four boards respectively. Getting outplayed by Clint Capella is one thing, but not having a true presence in the paint disrupted the team’s offense. 

The real irony behind all of this is that the Nets led the Hawks in points in the paint too. Maybe, the team should have looked to the middle more instead of missing 30 three-point attempts. 


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